Since 1972, the poultry industry has been through many changes. Some of these changes are good for the chicken business and the consumer but others are detrimental to the quality and taste of chicken. In such a competitive business, management teams are always looking for an edge. Through a process called water tumbling, they have found it. By putting 25% to 45% water into your chicken through the tumbling process and calling it seasoned or simply stating the ingredients (chicken, water, salt or sodium phosphate), they have turned “water into chicken”. The consumer is being deceived by this watering process.
Certain marinating processes can enhance and tenderize chicken and simplify the home and restaurant cooking process. These are good procedures when done in moderation (3% to 6% enhancement). And, at Soldaat’s, we can marinate products upon request and meet any other consumer needs. We do these procedures for responsible flavour enhancement and tenderization NOT for profit gains as many companies do by adding unnecessarily large amounts of water.
If you are looking for excellent quality products for your commercial, institutional or home use, give us a call. We are committed to honest business practices, serving you, the consumer, only superior products at affordable prices.
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