Since 1972 Soldaat’s has been leading by example in their responsibility to honor, respect and protect nature and the social right of healthy food.

We believe that we are what we eat and we shape the world by what we eat; therefore  we look for profits as a consequence of doing the right things for people and the environment.

We support a strong commitment to Healthier Agriculture = Healthier People = Healthier Planet and we see every decision we make and everyday tasks as improvement opportunities.

We work hard to distribute only the cleanest, healthiest and safest Chicken thus contributing to better health in the communities we serve by making fresh organic food available in mainstream.

We care about the quality of life of the people that we serve and we also take very seriously the welfare of each and every one of our employees and their families.


Soldaat’s Poultry and Meats Inc. is proud of the fund raising partnerships it has forged over the years. Soldaat’s provides a variety of meat and food products in support of the following community fund raising activities: