Frozen Chicken DESCRIPTION
BREADED FINGER Breast Strips (Tenderloin), Marinated & Breaded. Always a favourite with both kids and adults!
BREADED CUTLET Boneless Breast Cutlet Marinated and Breaded with Spices & Parmesan Cheese in the crumb. Simply great with pasta & sauce
LEMON/HERB SATAY Breast Strips (Tenderloin), Marinated in Lemon/Herb, on a Skewer. Quick & Simple as an Appetizer or a Meal.
LEMON/HERB BNLS. Boneless Breast Cutlet Marinated in Lemon/Herb Quick and Versatile on the BBQ or in the oven.
KIEV Boneless Breast Cutlet Stuffed With A Butter Sauce & Spicy Center, Breaded. A traditional favourite.
PARMIGIANA Boneless Breast Cutlet Marinated and & Stuffed With Mozzarella Cheese. Breaded With Spices & Parmesan Cheese in the Crumb. Great on its own or with Pasta & sauce.
CORDON BLEU Boneless Breast Cutlet Marinated and & Stuffed With Swiss Cheese & Black Forest Ham. Breaded. Need we say more?
B.B.Q. BONELESS BR. Boneless Breast Cutlet, Sin-On, Marinated & Dusted With B.B.Q. Spice. Designed for the B.B.Q., but also great in the oven.
Hot & Spicy Satay Breast Strips (Tenderloin), Marinated in a Hot & Spicy Mix, on a Skewer. If you like Buffalo Wings you'll love these!
TERIYAKI STRIPS Boneless Breast Strips Marinated To Compliment Chines Stir Fry Vegetables Can Also Be Quickly Prepared On The B.B.Q. As An Appetizer Or A Meal.
STUFFED BR. ROAST Bone-In Skin-On Chicken Breast Marinated, Stuffed with Seasoned Bread Stuffing & Dusted With Herbs, Feeds two hungry adults. Excellent for dinner parties.
BUFFALO BNLS. Boneless Chicken Breast Cutlet Marinated In A Blend Of Hot Peppers, Garlic & Spices. Makes the perfect Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Cooked on the B.B.Q. & served on a bun with cheese, lettuce & tomato.

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